Health & Safety Procedures

First and most importantly, we want to reinforce how seriously we take the mission to care for you and your loved ones.

In the midst of this current uncertain environment, our entire Canyon Coach Lines team is fully engaged taking decisive action  to help you safe and and in control of your travel.

We have a working group that dedicated to this issue led by CH Destination Inc office worldwide, Human Resources, Safety & Risk Management, and Legal Management teams.

This group of leaders across the world working closely with US and International authorities to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information to guide our operation and to care for our customers.

We are committed to provide you a safe transportation of your group.

Before You Go – On Board Disinfection

Canyon Coach Lines cleaning practice has always been thorough. Now we are taking additional steps to increase safety and a peach of mind for our customers and for our team.

We have enhanced our cleaning procedures on single Over-the-Road (OTR) and multi-day OTR vehicles as well as thorough cleaning of all the hard surfaces including armrests and dashboard. As a result, every one of our vehicles receives enhanced cleaning at least once a day, and an extensive cleaning on a regular basis.

As You Go – Personal Protection & Disinfecting

Canyon Coach Lines has issue each coach operator a Health & Safety Kit to reduce the risk of exposure and spread of germs and viruses. The kit contains masks, non-contact thermometer, gloves, disinfectant, clean cloth, a plastic gown, and trash bags. Operators are instructed to clean and disinfect high-touched area when passengers are not onboard.

Complementary hand sanitizer dispenser is installed for passengers’ convenience however Canyon Coach Lines strongly recommend everybody to wash their hands with soap & water whenever they are available.

We also have implemented UV-C LED Light Technology in each coach to sanitize the interior of our coaches on-demand. Canyon Coach Lines and a local start-up company have designed and installed this UV-C Technology to offer our passengers safer environment to travel.

While You Go – Air Purification

The UV-C LED Light Technology is installed in the HVAC system to have a continual flow of sanitized air throughout the coach cabin. This will minimize making extra stops or letting the desert’s hot air in the cabin to cycle the air in the coach cabin.  With us, you can enjoy the comfortable ambient temperature during your trip.

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