UV-C LED Light Technology

Canyon Coach Lines Installs New Tool to

Fight Against Coronavirus



We are proud to announce the use of Ultraviolet C light emitting diode (UVC-LED) Light Technology to sanitize Canyon Coach Lines vehicles and provide a safer environment for our passengers and for our drivers.


The UVC‐LED Light Technology has been installed throughout the interior cabin of our coaches and the cabin bathrooms.

This technology is also installed in the HVAC Air System to have a continual flow of sanitized air throughout the coach cabin. Our passengers can enjoy the comfortable ambient temperature during their trip.


With this UVC-LED Light Technology, we can offer our passengers a non-invasive and environmentally friendly “on-demand” sanitation process in addition to our existing deep cleaning and sanitation program.

This program brings a comfort level to our passengers during this period of COVID‐19, and this is our effort to help revitalize our partners economy as well as ours.

To learn more about this UVC-LED Light Technology, please contact Canyon Coach Lines at 702-933-1128 or at

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